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Brendan and Sarah Wilder

We’re Brendan and Sarah Wilder and we like to make things! Sarah is a top notch sculptor who enjoys working with an expansive range of mediums. From gestural animal sculptures and voluptuous planters to abstract macrame, she aims to grab your attention and engage your mind.Brendan is inspired by the process of turning humble lumps of clay into well made functional objects that can be used and enjoyed every day. He is also a voracious illustrator seeking to capture small, quiet moments and populate them with whimsical, otherworldly characters.Our work is, above all, defined by an acute attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, and durability.We hope what we make brings happiness to your daily routines and living spaces!

Photo of Brendan and Sarah Wilder
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Inspired Work

Sculptural portrait pot by Brendan Wilder
Sculptural planter by Sarah Wilder
Mug by Brendan
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