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Ceramic Artist

My Mother had a pan hat that has a broken handle and dented bottom, but it is the pan that holds sacred childhood memories of her grandmother happily mixing together her world-famous pineapple upside down cake. To this day mom only bakes her pineapple upside down cake in this special pan.
Family traditions and memories are created every day. Through my work in the social service field with children and families, I have seen families struggling with many of life’s hardships. I like having the opportunity to provide a special bowl, pitcher, or turkey platter that becomes a family’s utensil of continuity. It is an important motivation for doing pottery that adds balance to my life. Thinking about a piece of pottery created with my hands, becoming a part of someone else’s daily life by their use of the piece becomes a connection between me and the owner/family of my pot.
The forms I make are strong, generous and invite your touch. The spontaneity, responsiveness and forgiving nature of the clay fires my imagination and allows the childlike spirit to emerge in the creative process influencing my ideas and forms. My pottery can be held comfortably and the weight and balance of the piece. Pottery is made to be used, often. Pottery used to decorate your table, kitchen, or other areas of your home reflect your unique personal taste with that handcrafted pottery. Pottery’s versatility is an added benefit to having it in your house. I primarily make one of kind pieces. I also enjoy replicating utilitarian work such as dinnerware. I hope you will use my pottery and enjoy the memories made with family and friends as I pass it from my hands to yours.

Lynn McWhorter

Unique Pots - Handbuilt and Wheel Thrown

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