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Many artists under one roof in the heart of downtown Morganton

West Union Art Studios is a versatile art gallery situated in the heart of downtown Morganton. It provides art studios for multiple working artists, piano lessons, and group classes that focus on one-night ceramic workshops. The studio is dedicated to promoting creativity and community, making it an ideal destination for artists and art lovers.

Adam and Molly Mackay of Barn Loft Pottery and owners of West Union Art Studios

Glenn Tanzer of Glenn Tanzer Pottery

Lynn Justice of Cornerstone Clay

Mary Ervin, of Ervin Road Pottery

Lynn McWhorter Clayworks

Tiffany Salas

Damien Overcash

Brendan and Sarah Wilder

The Enola Group and Signature Day Program

Donna R

Jo Alberts

Emily Coster

Suzanne Belada

David Clayton

Adam Mackay, Music Teacher

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