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Damien Overcash, Pottery

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A resident to the Western North Carolina foothills I, Damien Overcash, am a ceramic artist who tends to the potter’s wheel. Relating to its primary need to remain balanced and fluid, I have found an abundant appreciation for how and where the world of my nature and art coincide. Throughout my development as an artist finding one’s path, it has been a journey to see the mirroring of the two worlds. Growing up I was always the kid moving around from place to place and looking for the stability to keep myself grounded throughout the consistent pivots and the need to adapt. Ranging from being near bodies of water, to disassembling and reassembling anything I came into contact with, down to expressing myself through writing, I’ve always connected most with things I could soak in and take my time with to appreciate in that moment. Much of my work depicts the slopes and rigid aspects of life we all go through, while the base of any of my pieces represent the solidarity in my grounded footing. Maintaining the foundation and fortitude to look past the rough obstacles and appreciate the beauty that it built is why I create- it’s why we live.

Portrait of Damien Overcash working on clay
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