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I started playing music as a young child.  There was always a piano in the house and that’s where it all began many years ago.  At the age of 9 I learned the saxophone and how to read music in a small homeschool ensemble, then began taking private piano lessons.  I studied piano with the late Marcus Kearns who was a master on the piano.  From him I learned much about jazz, theory, improv and classical music.  He was a strong mentor in my life and I hope that I can share that with my students.  I am seasoned in classical music, lead sheets, and in playing contemporary music.  I have played in multiple bands on bass guitar or keyboard ranging from Funk, Contemporary Christian, Psychedelic , Americana, to improv and big band jazz.  Playing music is a gift best shared with others and my hope is to be able to encourage a sense of collaboration in students.

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